The Baptism

Sarangerel refers to a ‘Baptized Shaman’ at the start of the second degree of initiation. It’s hard for me to pin point a single event, but in my fourth year of shamanic work, a lady whom I had been doing chakra healing work with told me she could see a type of Buddha statue or Ongon forming above my head. As I continued my work with her throughout the year, she told me it was becoming more solid and real.

Just after Christmas 2009, I finally finished the Pathwork. A few days later, whilst lying in the yoga room, I had a flash of realization.

The Ongon above my head was Abai Gesar Khan!

Then the next great transformation started. A few nights later, I had a dream in which I was challenged by a demon – I had dealt with dark spirits before but this was different. This was a whole new level of power, intelligence and malice – I was being challenged by a master.

Within weeks my life seemed to disintegrate around me – I quit my job and even ended up moving out of my house. I had found a beautiful park on the harbour in Rozelle, Sydney where I lived. It became my special place to be with nature. I found a hidden spot where no one every ventured and I pitched my tent there and moved in, complete with my two cats.

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The Baptism

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