Old Links

The Buryat Republic Home Page, lots of information about Buryatia. Russian and English pages available
All about the Great Mongolian Empire and the most famous Buryat Mongol in history, Chinggis Khan
The Great Mongol Home Page: Very informative, authored by my good friend Oyunbilig
The Buryat State University
Unrepresented Nations and Peoples’ Organization (Buryatia is a member)
Mongolia on Line: Mongolian and English pages available
See the incredibly beautiful Sayan Mountains of western Buryatia
The Buryat Research Center
Traditional Buryat Feast
A Buryat Gentleman Farmer
A Buryat Oboo Ceremony
Visiting Ulan-Ude and Galtai
Buryatia Online (in Russian)
Tsyden-Damba’s Home Page (in Russian)
Expedia Map of Buryatia
The East Siberian Technological Univeristy
Baikal Business Information Center (in Russian)
The Buryat artist Victor Zhydyayev (with picture gallery)
Home Page of Lyceum #16 (high school) in Ulan-Ude (in Russian)
Tours of Buryatia provided by the East Siberian Technological University
Digest of Buryat Newspapers (in Russian)
Land and People of Mongolia
Trials of Japanese for Halhin Gol invasion
Stalin and the Buryats (in book review)
Irina Morozova paper on Japan and Pan-Mongolism
Japanese interest in Pan-Mongolism (early 20th century)
Virtual Tour of Siberia