Beware of Impostors

It has come to the attention of the Golomt Center for Shamanic Studies and the Asian Shamans’ Association that a newly popular Russian cult, led by teachers called Shri Ganesha, Shri Jnan Avatar Muni, Shaman of Siberia, Altai Kam, and others, is now passing off its teachings as being Mongolian and Siberian shamanic teachings. They most certainly are not.

Police agencies in Russia charactrize their Belovodie cult (also known by a host of other names) as “destructive and totalitarian” and the leaders of the cult are currently facing incarceration for a number of criminal activities.

If you know Russian please read the anti-Belovodie cult page at Beware of so-called shamans offering teachings about Shambala and Belovodie (Olga Kharitidi is NOT part of this organization). Shambala and Belovodie are Tibetan Buddhist and Russian mystical teachings popularized by Nicholas Rerikh and have nothing to do with traditional Siberian shamanic teachings.

This page is devoted to providing information about the ancient Mongolian culture and religion and our organization is dedicated to the preservation and revival of these traditions.

We are NOT shamanic fundamentalists, we welcome the free communication and exploration of ideas; indeed each person has their own path. We do however oppose the use of the names and symbols of our traditions in order to lend credence to a new belief and vision and are offended by these new beliefs being called the “secret” teachings of Siberian shamans.